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Carolinas Association of General Contractors (AGC)

Leverage & Development, LLC developed a long-range marketing plan for the Management Training programs and courses of this construction trade organization.   We provided the following services:
  • Conducted interviews, surveys and other research.
  • Analyzed current offerings, past reports and studies and competitors.
  • Developed the Marketing Plan framework that includes definitive first and second year actions, guidance for development of third, fourth and fifth year actions, long-term schedule of actions and identification of decisions critical to success
Program Evaluation for Laurens County SC

Leverage & Development, LLC as the Outside Evaluator of the Laurens County Juvenile Detention Alternatives Program during the 3 years it received grant funding. 

The Juvenile Detention Alternatives Program offers an opportunity for juveniles to stay in their communities and receive counseling, mentoring and supervision while awaiting their court appearance.  The Program is funded by a grant from the SC Department of Juvenile Justice.  The Clinton Police Department is the Program Administrator.

A yearly Program evaluation was required by DJJ.  Leverage & Development, LLC conducted all three annual evaluations which included interviewing partners and participants, gathering and analyzing statistics and preparing a report.  We also developed In-take, Tracking and Exit Evaluation forms and processes.

We also helped them develop the successful grant application for the third year funding.
Richland County Sheriff's Office

Served as the Outside Evaluator on a juvenile detention alternative program funded by a grant from the SC Department of Public Safety. 

Assisted in the development of measurement methods and tools.  Conducted the evaluation and prepared the report for the all three years the program was funded by the grant.   
Upstate SC Workforce Investment Board (WIB)

  • Worked with the Strom Thurmond Institute at Clemson University in conducting a Feasibility Study for a Small Business Incubator in Union County SC.  This Study was used by Union County to obtain a grant from the SC Department of Commerce to renovate a facility for the Incubator.
  • Worked with the Strom Thurmond Institute to conduct a Supply Chain Study in Union County SC to identify the "most likely to succeed" business types for new and existing entrepreneurs.
  • Conducted a Comprehensive Health Care Workforce Needs Assessment for the Upstate area of South Carolina.

“When working with Janet, you know the work will be done thoroughly and professionally.  She provides her clients with updates so you always know what’s going on with the project.  My staff and I have built a great relationship with Janet after just one project.  We recently hired Janet to work on another study for us and I would recommend her to anyone”
... Ann Angermeier, Executive Director, Upstate Workforce Investment Board
New Ventures Business Development Inc. (NVBDI)

NVBDI is a business resource center and incubator serving Anson and Union Counties in North Carolina. 

Leverage & Development, LLC worked on several projects for this organization:
  • Establishment of the organization including research, grant application and development of services.
  • Assistend in expansion including extensive research of the small business community, development of operations plan, assistance with grant application and training of personnel.
  • Conducted a Supply Chain Study to determine the "most likely to succeed" business types for new and existing entrepreneurs.
  • Developed an operational plan for a Women's Center.
Health Department of Union County NC

Twice Leverage & Development, LLC conducted multiple Focus Groups as part of Union County's Community Health Assessment.  We also provided a summary of each Focus Group and an overall analysis and comparison.

"In facilitating focus groups several factors will make or break the intent: keeping them moving and focused on topic, remaining impartial and making all participants feel safe and comfortable enough to participate, while managing to cover all questions in the allotted time frame.  Your professionalism was evident in the tremendous success we had."
... Jackie Morgan, Union County Health Carolinians Coordinator
Hub City Food Co-Op

During the investigative and development stages of establishing a health food store in Spartanburg SC, Leverage & Development, LLC assisted the Hub City Co-Op by:
  • Conducting a market feasibility study and preparing a comprehensive report.
  • Writing a Business Plan using all the research, committee reports and Board strategies.  The Plan was used in grant applications, funding solicitations and member presentations.
Anson County Health Department

Every 4 years counties in North Carolina are required by the State to conduct a Community Health Assessment (CHA).  In 2012 and 2016 Leverage & Development, LLC conducted the study and prepared the mandatory report.  This included:
  • Conducting a Health and Wellness Resource Inventory
  • Gathering and analyzing Public Opinion (surveys, key informant interviews)
  • Gathering statistical data and comparing it to the Public Opinion. 
  • Presenting all findings in a comprehensive report.

Greenville Area Workforce Development Collaborative (GRWC))

Provided assistance to this workforce collaborative in several ways:
  • Served as Local Evaluator as required by a Federal Grant.
  • Developed Policies, Procedures & Operational Plan.
  • Conducted research on governance of other public/private workforce collaborative and prepared analysis and summary to aid in renovation of GRWC's governance structure.